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Deadicated PAID Annual Membership

1 Deadicated Paid Annual Membership Includes:

1.    (1) Dead Sara Airport Sessions sticker and (1) The Covers sticker*; 
2.    (1) newly re-designed Deadicated bracelet*;

3.    (1) Dead Sara promo CD from Dead Sara's self-titled debut*;

4.    Access to purchase Dead Sara Live Show Fan Experience for 2018 Fall Tour and 

       future shows when made available;

5.    (1) Deadicated Radio magnet featuring art created by Siouxsie exclusively for the


6.    Access to exclusive content on the Deadicated website;

7.    Deadicated giveaways, contests and offers exclusively for paid members, and;

8.    20% discount off of all online purchases at (Retuned also          features jewelry made from Dead Sara's used guitar strings and all proceeds from             the sale of items from the Dead Sara Collection go to the band!)

*Please allow 6 weeks for delivery of items in the United States and 6-8 weeks outside the U.S.




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